Topic: Clash royale apkpure 2024 - Download clash royale latest version free

Clash royale apkpure 2024 - Download clash royale latest version free

Introduce clash royale game:
Clash royale apkpure
Clash royale apkpure on google play has the gameplay system very attractive. Quickly download this game into your devices and experience it!
As a tradition of Supercell, Although clash royale apk has officilally present on google play.

Features of clash royale apk pure new:

Clash royale apkpure
- Do the mission every day, every week to make a lot of reward.
- Added the new mode to plays name's  Touchdown.
- Can be to find the gold, coin by the way lower towers throughout the event of Gold rush and Gem rush.
- Chatting with friends so easily.
- Collected Epic card free from the shop every Sunday.
- Fixed some small error.
- Imporove ativities performance in the game clash royale apk pure.
Balance the apkpure clash royale game :
- Sparky: Speed drops 5 to 4, decreases 15%.
- Tesla: Boosts 30% dame, hit speed by 0.8 to 1 second.
- Graveyard: Strong buffs range from 9 seconds to 10 seconds, range decreases 5 to 4 (surrounds the closer, more distant from the king), calcium rise up less random, the first calcium rise up 0.5 seconds slower than normal.
Clash royale apkpure

- Canon cart: Blood increases by 5%, armor by 5%.
- Lightning: Dame giảm 3% phạm vi 3.5 còn 3.
- Spear goblins: Beat 1.3 speed ratio 1.1.
- Valkyrie: Buff 5%, hit Princesses and Dart Goblins, 3 hits for Barbarians.
- 4 special card:
+ Mega Knight ( Legendary )
+ Cannon cart ( Epic )
+ Flying Machine ( Rare )
+ Skeleton Barrel ( Common )
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Clash royale download to experience the game!

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