Topic: Clash of Clans Apk Pure Download - Cash of clans new update 2024 for Mobile

Clash of Clans Apk Pure Download - Cash of clans new update 2024 for Mobile

Introduce Clash of Clans Game:
Clash of Clans Apk Pure

Clash of clans apkpure is strategies game online multiplayer ( MMO ), place of players make the dream building your own empire become to real. This game clash of clans apk attractive millions players all around the world.

Feature of clash of clans apkpure mobile:

Clash of Clans Apk Pure

- Sorldiers and Defense up level 5.
For Hall 1.
- Baby dragon up level 5.
- X- bow up level 5.
- Hidden Tesla up level 9  and no longer duplicated damage when meeting PEKKA.
- Mortar up level 10 ( from level 8 - 9 will increasing damage )
- Bowler reduce HP.
- Added 25 wall.
For Hall 10.
- Wizard up level 7.
- Wizard up level 6 will bonus 1 damage.
- Upgrade Baby Dragon level 4 when in hall 9.
For hall 9.
- Upgrade Wizard level 6 in Hall 9.
Change abour EXP.
Change spell.
Train soldiers.
Information about Bomber Tower.
Friendly wars.
Many others change.

Features of clash of clans apk update download:

Clash of Clans Apk Pure

- Building your army, including many mighty warriors like Barbarians, Archers, Wizards, Dragons and more than.
- Challenge other players in around the world and take items clash of clans apkpure free.
- Defeat others player in the battle.
- Discover new strategy attracked.
- Protect the Kingdom.
Clash of Clans Apk Pure

You can download clash of clans apkpure and playing game in device supported Android 4.0.3 above. Connected internet, pay fee some items in system of the game. Clash of clans limited age and just for children 14+. Play now!
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