Topic: WhatsApp Apk Pure download latest version 4.0432 for Android/ios/Pc

WhatsApp Apk Pure download latest version 3.0432 for Android/ios/Pc

What is WhatsApp apk Pure? What is so special about it that made Mark Zuckerberg repurchased it? After reading this article, you will be able to understand the main features of WhatsApp apkpure and how to use it.On the 19th of February 2014, Facebook spent 19 billion dollars to repurchase this application with 450 million users. This is Facebook’s biggest investment ever. Mark Zuckerberg commented that whatsapp apk pure worth a lot more than just 19 billion dollars.

Calling, messaging is absolutely free in the whatsapp apk pure messenger

- WhatsApp apk pure allows us to chat with friends, people who use the app and send unlimited photos, videos and music without needing to pay the SMS fee even if it is sent cross borders. Users are fond of this app because it let them share their location directly, organize the contacts and send messages to many people without costing a penny. The good thing is all of your information will be kept confidentially. You do not even need to create an account for WhatsApp; it uses your phone number to sync. Even though it uses our phone number, we can also use it on PC or laptops. WhatsApp is available in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Symbian, macOS and BlackBerry OS, which means that anyone can use the app.

- WhatsApp‘s operation mode is alike with Facebook Messenger. Although it is a quick and easy, plus free, way to contact people, there are many other similar applications competing with it like Viber, LINE and WeChat. Much to their competition, many countries are banning whatsapp apk pure, for example, China, Sri Lanka, Brazil,... There was also a lack in management. It was reported that the Islamic State terrorists use this application to trade sex slave illegally. Scams have also appeared in WhatsApp before.

In conclusion, to compete with the others, WhatsApp apk and ios really needs to step up their game to reach success and attract more users.

Why should you use whatsapp apk pure?

Size: 170 MB slight
Compatibility: ios 5.0/Android 4.0
Languages support: 60 to English, Arabic, Bengali, Catalan, Japanese, Korean, Malay...v...v
Free to use: No USD
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