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Snapchat apk pure for Android - Snapchat download iOs free 2019

Snapchat apk pure is a popular and free social media created by three students in Stanford University, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in 2011. It is especially popular among teenagers. The reason for its popularity is because of the self-destruct function. What does Snapchat exactly do? Like other social media, it allows people to communicate each other. We can send pictures and videos less than 10 seconds long to each other and it will disappear when the recipient views them. Not only sending among others, we can post it public for everyone to see it for 24 hours then it will automatically disappear.

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- Snapchat apk pure allows us to take pictures or short videos with special effects like filters, captions, stickers, drawings, etc. One of its iconic filters is the dog one. The dog’s tongue will stick out every time we open our mouth. Snapchat customizes the filter differently every day, each day the filters will be changed except for the permanent ones like face swapping. After taking pictures or videos, we can save them privately into the section called “Memories”. Snapchat apk also later created "Discover” where there are many channels, including BuzzFeed, CNN, and Mashable... containing short contents to advertise themselves.

- On July 2016, Snapchat apkpure launched its app, Bitmoji that allows users to connect their accounts with Snapchat app, personalize their avatars and use them as their own stickers. It has a special feature that allows users to see where their friends are on the map. Whether if their friends are at USA or China, you can still see where they are located.

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* Overall, Snapchat is a quick and easy way for people to communicate with each other and explore what’s trending on social media. Even though, as Snapchat continuously updates its application, it receives more diverse comments and is currently rated very poorly on App store. System Requirements of Snapchat Mobile:
Android: Ram 2GB samsung
IOS: iOs 6.0 iphone 5
Memory: 1GB
Size: 2MB
Home web:
New app: Apkpure android new 4.0

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