Topic: King Of Hunters Apk Pure (KOH Android/ios) - Provided by NetEase Games

King Of Hunters Apk Pure (KOH Android/ios) - Provided by NetEase Games

Introduce king of hunters apkpure game: 

King of hunters apk is survival game combined with strategies has style play similar Pubg. You will role playing the hero in the world of martial arts, fighting with other players on the map.

King of hunters apkpure has style played the same PUBG when you dropping many people into a map and force them to fight with together to bebcome the last survival. Just different is in PUBG game is modern world with weapons like: guns, ammunition, etc. Then in King of hunters, you will fighting with opponent by knife, sword, ax, etc, moving by horse, have many skills in the game.

In king of hunters android, you will collecting equipment, clothes, weapons, blood, etc to fighting with others player. The game has pretty much ninja weapons different to killed enemy very quickly. Download the game to experience amazing of king of hunters.

Features of king of hunters apk pure game:

King Of Hunters Apk Pure

- Facing life and death: In the first battle, you will using knife, sword and ex. Fighting with opponent with close distance.

- Attack from above.

- Attack from the knight.

- Create your law.

King Of Hunters Apk Pure

New features king of hunter apk download for android:

- Added bilingual version in the part Feedback in game.
- Increasing gameplay smooth in low graphics effects.
King Of Hunters Apk Pure

- Game release address Unit 802, of 8th Floor of Chuang's Tower, 30-32 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong
- Contact king of hunters apkpure:
- Facebook:
- Web home: 
This game so amazing, you should download and play it! Thank you game me too fortnite apkpure.

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